The Hick Team

Nathaniel Drysdale

Dionne is an amazing Realtor. As a former co-worker and agent myself I say this with confidence that her integrity and heart has made all the difference. Many agents are in it for the dollars of the sale but Dionne takes a personal interest in every person, every situation, and every need to make their experience what she promised. Whenever I needed results I personally turned to her to handle the sale of my own home even though as an agent I could have done it myself. That is what speaks volumes and over the past 7+ years I have witnessed her pour everything she has in her in every transaction to make it work. Even now although I am out of the real estate arena I still refer my family, friends and other agents to her to tap into her depth of knowledge and wide range of expertise.

I call her “Big Sister” because like a good strong family you know at the end of the day they have your best interests at heart and she has proven that in this business time and time again!