The Hick Team

Monique King

My husband introduced me to Dionne in 2015.  She was a long-time friend of his and he recommended her when we were looking for an investment property.  My husband felt that Dionne was trustworthy, dependable and knowledgeable, and after working with her, I couldn’t agree with him more!  

We had a brief introduction over the phone and I informed Dionne what we were interested in doing in terms of a particular investment property.  By that evening she had all the numbers to us and provided her expert recommendation regarding the property we were considering. I was very pleased with her responsiveness, professionalism and more than anything, her expert knowledge.

Over the next two years, Dionne continued to be a reliable resource for us regarding our various investment interests she could assist us with.  Being a business owner, we didn’t think she would have the appropriate level of knowledge to assist us with the land we were inquiring about for commercial business.  Little did we know, Dionne was also well versed in the commercial real estate. Nearly everything we showed interest in regarding real estate, Dionne was able to provide us with information and/or point us in the right direction.  She became our personal mentor on all things real estate.

Needless to say, in 2017 when we made the decision to purchase our first home together, contacting Dionne was a no-brainer.  Being a previous homeowner, I insisted that we engage the process early because I knew how tedious it can be. When we first contacted Dionne, she told us to follow-up when we were about 3 months from purchase.  I admit I was a little surprised at her direction. Because of previous experience, I was uncomfortable with the short timeframe and was concerned that we would end up entering into a month-to-month lease in our rental property.  Despite my concern, Dionne calmly kept saying that she had everything under control. The next issue I had was the new way realtors “show” homes present day. I was expecting the same day pick up and drive around to selected properties that I did when I purchased previous homes.  Dionne let us know that things are done differently now. Again, I was a bit hesitant because I felt the use of technology to search for homes was going to slow the process. Boy was I wrong – again! Dionne spent time with us to understand the type of home we wanted and our bottom line price.  She listened attentively, took copious notes, and immediately began sending us homes to consider. After a few iterations and tweaks, the homes she selected were a perfect match for what we were looking for so Dionne set up a daily notification from Listing Book to send us updates each morning of available homes that matched our preferences.  

I was expecting a long drawn out process and it was far from that.  We met with Dionne on two occasions to view homes that either she sent to us or we had selected from our daily notification.  The day we viewed the home that we were sure we wanted, another realtor was bringing clients who were going to view the home for a second time.  This is where things got interesting and Dionne kicked into high gear. She recommended that we forego seeing the other two homes on that day because we were pretty much sold on the home we had just viewed.  She rushed back to the office to prepare and submit the contract to the seller ahead of anyone else. She worked tirelessly that night with back-and-forth contract negotiations. Before bedtime, the owner had accepted our contract – even though someone else put in a contract that same evening, just as Dionne expected. We searched for a house, found our dream home in less than 2 weeks and closed within 30 days – all due to Dionne’s expertise.  I recall telling her that it didn’t seem right because everything went so smoothly. I kept expecting a request for additional information or a hold-up of some sort, but it never happened. We closed on our home on my late mom’s birthday – April 16, 2018, so it was a sign to me that it was meant to be. We couldn’t have done it without Dionne! As stressful as home buying can be, she made it seem like a breeze. She is our realtor for life!