The Hick Team

Keith Howard

Dionne Stokes has been our realtor for 12+ years.  During that time, she has assisted us with two home purchases and a short sale.  Our last home purchase had all of the indications to be very long, arduous and complicated process.  However, Dionne, not only showed us a great home, she also guided us seamlessly through the entire purchase, including financing.  What could have easily been a very stressful experience was anything but due to her experience, patience and creativity in sealing the deal. In my opinion Dionne is one of the most competent realtors in the market today and the customer service she provides is nothing short of superb.  That’s important to us because there are so many moving parts and emotions to purchasing a home. We trust her because she always does what she says she’s going to do.  That’s Dionne. Great service matched with a wonderful personality, Dionne has set the bar so high that she will be handling all of our future real estate transactions.